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Reckless Jersey Layered Vest Maxi with Cowl Back

NEW ARRIVAL A close-up of our layered cascade dress with cowl back. A simple straight-cut piece with just a touch of detail. Also available in maroon and black combination.Length: S - 46.5" ∙ M - 47" ∙ L - 47.5" SHOP NOW ∙ The Reckless Shop Orchard Central L2-08/09 ∙ Robinsons The Heeren L3-womenswear ∙ Workshop Element 313@somerset #03-01/02 ∙ Isetan @ Scotts Isetan Singapore Shaw House Level 2 Restyle Area#RecklessJersey #LuxeJersey #NEW #Dress #TheRecklessShop

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Solving the static problem

Static usually occurs in dry conditions (e.g. air-conditioned rooms). This happens when two different materials come in contact with each other and due to the exchange of electrons, static electricity is created.  Here are some ways to prevent static: Wet your hands and then lightly run them over the garment. This desensitizes the static electricity, allowing the dress to fall normally. Apply body lotion to skin. The water particles in the moisturizer will help eliminate static cling. Apply baby powder. The powder creates a barrier and removes electric charge.

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Ushering 2015 with Reckless Jersey

We are ending 2014 with a bang and ushering the new year with our new line RECKLESS JERSEY!Expect functional, urban designs from Singapore made with luxe jersey. With every item priced under $100, you can make Reckless Jersey an integral part of your wardrobe – dress up with our silky maxi dresses, or go casual with our soft and slouchy drape tops. Outlet locations: The Reckless Shop Orchard Central Level 02-08/09 Robinsons The Heeren Level 3, Womenswear Workshop Element  313@somerset Level 03-01/02

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